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The top 10 outfits from "Emily in Paris" Netflix, season 2

Emily in Paris season 2 is out now, on Netflix. If you need a quick recap, a midwestern girl called Emily goes to Paris to work in Savoir, a marketing company for luxury goods. While she’s learning French, the culture and immerses herself in Parisian fashion, adventures, drama, and new friends. In this season we have the comeback of our favorite characters Camille (Camille Razat), Mindy (Ashley Park), Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh) as well as some new ones as Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) and Benoît (Kevin Dias).

The glamour of Paris is very much alive, once again, as well as the neon jackets, scarves, fingerless gloves, bucket hats, and oversized sunglasses. The French costume designer Marylin Fitoussi was in charge of the three friends Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), Camille, and Mindy’s outfits, and worked alongside consultant Patricia Field, known for her iconic looks on Sex and the City.

In an interview for ELLE US, costume designer Marylin Fitoussi said that she received some criticism regarding Emily’s look, calling it “tacky” and “cartoonish”…to which she replied that she didn’t care.

“It’s just the lesson of being yourself. Who’s imposing the rules? Who decides [what] will be in or out? That you are in fashion or out of fashion?…” Marylin Fitoussi

We absolutely agree with her! We might not like some looks or never wear them but it will always depend on our taste, our style, state of mind, etc. We believe that if you love your outfit and it makes you feel good, you should wear it no matter what other people may say.

Between the cliché, the over-the-top looks, the trés chic ones, and the kitsch prints, we found some amazing, wild, and some crazy but cool outfits. We leave you with the best outfits of Emily and her girls in Emily in Paris series.

May contains outfit spoilers.

1. Vivid Green and Pink Look

If you love to mix patterns and colours you may love this look. The striped coloured polo with the green and blue patterned skirt, accessorised with an emerald green belt makes such a fun and, at the same time, a modern outfit.

2. Three Piece Suit

Keeping it classic with Camille, the French girl is wearing a sophisticated suit, very parisian vibes, and she looks effortless chic. The fit is everything on this one!

3. Love Heart Dress and Glitter Suit

These looks are the real BFF goals. They have such a different style, reflecting their personalities and mood. The heart patterned midi dress with bulky sleeves, very Emily in Paris – gorgeous and fancy. Mindy in a dark green glitzy suit is to die for! More is more in this picture…

4. Yellow and Orange Tie Dye Corset Dress

Mindy is so stylish, she looks stunning in this tie dye dress. The corset fits her perfectly and elongates her silhouette, and the side cut midi skirt makes this look so sexy.

5. Yellow Obsession

Would you dare to wear this one? This look is the real deal of mixed patterns and colours. Emily pulls it off so well, the plaid jacket is cool and the yellow gloves, beret and bag are there to accessorise and style the look.

6. Red Gown

This dress is not for everybody but Emily looks stunning in it! Very bulky and bright, it was made to catch everyone’s attention in the room.

7. Tweed and Ruffled

The iconic tweed pink skirt, topped off with a ruffled red crop top is a very wearable look, and Emily looks effortlessly chic with it. The high rise skirt is the perfect piece to make your waist stand out and make you feel so elegant, especially if you wear a high heels with it.

8. White Oversized Blazer

Camille is always minimal and real French woman regarding style. This full white look is no exception, with her wearing an oversize blazer as a dress, the so-called loafers, and a basket to top off this Frenchy outfit.

9. White Vest and Mini Skirt

There so much going on on this look, but we love it! This one is undoubtedly a très chic outfit by Emily but very easy to wear off the show for a meeting, work or to get a drink or two. It’s sexy, and you can accessorise it with your favourite pieces and bag.

10. Patched Mini Dress

Once again we have an outfit very easy to wear in real life and it looks amazing on Emily. Make sure you just find the perfect mini dress for your own style. Choose a patched one if you’re a fan of the mixed patterns, a colourful or bright one if you feel like it or plain and make sure you accessorise it with your favourite items.

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