Our Mission

We started Clams & Champagne as customers, not designers.
We wanted to make it easy for you to find the exact item you were looking for, while trying to shift the fashion industry in three areas:

  1. Sustainable purchases that are still fun.
  2. Fashion that caters to all body shapes.
  3. A strong community of designers and users, making it easy for anyone to make an impact.

We are not activists, we have all bought plenty of fast fashion items ourselves in the past, and understand that it is not easy to move away from. We hope that Clams & Champagne will help you to make this transition but understand that it won’t happen all at once.

We very much hope that you will join us on our mission to make the fashion industry more inclusive, sustainable and fun. We’re definitely going to need you to make it happen


Our Designers

All our designers are based in Europe and have been carefully curated based on their skills creating handcrafted, high quality clothing remotely.
They have a range of skills including in bespoke clothing, upcycling and embroidery. They can also collaborate with each other to produce an exceptional unique item for you.

The designers receive 80% of the price you pay (excluding shipping) and work from the comfort of their own studios. Every purchase you make supports them and their business and they are excited to develop your dream outfit with you.



We are the first to say that the most sustainable option is not to shop or to buy second hand.

We hope that Clams & Champagne will provide the most sustainable way to shop new because;

1. Items are made to order. We don’t hold any stock of items or fabrics. It’s about as zero waste as you can get.

2. Where possible we use premium deadstock fabrics through our partnership with Amothreads.

3. Our packaging is limited (we just use compostable envelopes) - you need to send the items in something right?

4. You have so much say in the design process of your item, that you’re bound to love it for years to come. The more times you wear an item, the more sustainable it becomes.

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